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About the Upgrade Original Home to Plus

If you purchased your Swift Paws before SwiftPaws Home Plus was available for purchase - we will again be offering existing Home Original owners the opportunity to upgrade our drive to Plus without having to purchase the entire Plus kit! Watch for the option to appear on our website soon. It involves you sending in your main drive unit and remote controller (nothing else!) to be upgraded. 
Once you purchase the SwiftPaws upgrade, you will be emailed a shipping label.
Use it to send back JUST:
1. the main drive unit (the part with the motor) 
2. The remote controller – it will be programmed to work with the upgraded drive
Please note: your original battery will NOT power your upgraded drive, the voltages are different. We DO NOT want the original battery or the charger back, but please do not try to use them with your upgraded drive. 

I suggest printing a copy of your confirmation email you will get when you purchase the upgrade - and putting it inside the box with your equipment when you send it in.
What is upgraded?
- The software and some necessary hardware of the Main Drive Unit will be updated.
- The software of of the remote controller will be reprogrammed to work with the upgraded main drive.
- The upgrade also includes a replacement battery cover, a larger battery, an upgraded charger as well as a larger line winder, a 500' roll of line, and a roll of compostable flags.

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