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Contact us

To contact SwiftPaws please email  [email protected] 📵 We do not monitor our phone for incoming calls😞. When you email [email protected] using the email address you used to place your order - all your account information is available to ou

Link to Manual, Warranty, and Return policies

To assure you have the most up-to-date information please Click here  - to go to our "Get Started" page - and scroll down the page to the "Click for Downloads" area and click the desired link to view or download the PDF file: Welcome Manual; Return P

📧 Email [email protected]

Due to the investigation required to help you with questions or problems with the equipment, support is only available via email. [email protected]

Shipping Protection!

Shipping protection - also known as shipping insurance or package protection - is a service you may purchase to get reimbursed for orders that are lost, damaged, or stolen while in transit.

Where can I order SwiftPaws?

You can place your order for your SwiftPaws Home Kit (and accessories!) on our website SwiftPaws.com

What is your phone number?

📵 We do not publish our phone number because we do not monitor it for incoming calls 😞 Nor do we retrieve/reply to voicemails. We apologize for this, but we are just not set up to provide phone support.  🥇 We do provide excellent support via ema

Can I phone in my order?

Unfortunately we are not set up to accept phone orders. Please pace your order for SwiftPaws equipment and accessories through our website SwiftPaws.com which is safe and secure. Selection your option for payment at checkout. Please email [email protected]

Why I can't place an order?

The mostly likely reason for not being able to place an order is that the shipping address you're entering is NOT one of the 48 contiguous U.S. States (these inside the red line). We know it's frustrating, and we do apologize for the inconvenience.

How do I make a warranty claim?

If you have a problem with your SwiftPaws - please contact us by emailing: [email protected]  Please describe your problem in as much detail as possible.  Include information such as: The original order number - if you don't have it, or if it w

How do I return my SwiftPaws?

If you decide you want to return your SwiftPaws, please email your request to: [email protected]  We will issue an RMA# and provide information and instructions for you. We want to make sure everyone who wants to try SwiftPaws has the opportuni

What types of payments do you accept?

Is SwiftPaws Sold on Amazon.com?

Yes! Go to the Amazon.com website and type "swift paws for dogs" into the search window.

Did my order go through?

You will receive a confirmation email after you successfully place an order. Search your email for "swiftpaws" or "swiftpaws.com" if you don't readily see it. If you cannot find the confirmation email - it may not have gone through. Make sure that yo

How Do I Cancel My Order?

To cancel your order please email [email protected]  Let us know you want to cancel your order and include your name, address and order number so we can find the order and cancel it for you and issue the refund. If the order has already processed

Where is SwiftPaws Located?

SwiftPaws's headquarters is on the east coast of Central Florida. We ship from Central Florida to the 48 contiguous states.

Where can I find a SwiftPaws store?

SwiftPaws Home can only be purchased online at SwiffPaws.com and now at Amazon.com! SwiftPaws Pro Alpha and Pro Sport can be purchased by emailing your request to [email protected]

Non-profit organization / tax exempt

Orders shipped outside of Florida are processed without adding tax. According to the Florida Department of Revenue: Organizations holding a Florida Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption may present a copy of the certificate to purchase or rent taxable

When will my order ship?

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. The actual delivery date varies depending on how far the order must travel from Central Florida. When your order ships you will receive an email with tracking information which will provide the estimated delivery

How will my purchase appear?

Your purchase will appear as "SwiftPaws" on your billing statement.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is flat-rate $20 for the SwiftPaws Home Kit!  However, if you go to SwiftPaws.com and sign up for exclusive deals - the periodic emails will have offers that include free shipping! Make sure to use the link provided in the email to access th

Does SwiftPaws Ship Internationally?

While we are unable to ship internationally at this time, we hope to have a solution for our international customers in the future. Please contact [email protected] for information. SwiftPaws currently ships to the contiguous 48 US states -whi

Charitable Partnerships

We have just begun working with charitable partners - something that is very near and dear to the heart of SwiftPaws! If you're interested in being considered for a charitable partnership with SwiftPaws, please send an email to [email protected]

Why are my emails being ignored? 😤

When you contact SwiftPaws you WILL receive an automated response email right away. If you do not get this email - please check your spam folder for it - and if necessary adjust your filters to allow emails from SwiftPaws.com If you have cont

Coupon code does not work

Check the expiration date. If the coupon code has not expired - there are other reasons it may not work.👉 Coupon codes will not work in combination with other promotions. 👉 Some coupon codes are only valid for one-time use. 👉 You might be looking

Coupon Codes

We send out emails offers with special savings from time to time. Be sure to click on the button or link in the mail to access the special pricing offer. Occasionally there may be a special pricing offer on our website SwiftPaws.com as in the example

Support Outside the 48 US States

NOTICE:  If you purchase a product, and take it out of the 48 contiguous states, please be aware SwiftPaws will be limited in the warranty support that will be available to you. We will require a US address (in one of the 48 states) to ship to - whic