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Our newest Home Lure System! Variable speeds up to 20pmh; courses up to 100 feet; Wall powered, Phone App controlled!


Chase! Campaign Launch Video

THIS IS OUR CAMPAIGN LAUNCH VIDEO - NOTE: the $199 price was the early preorder price offered in April - the month of the launch - and it ended the last day of April. When it's available for shipping, it is projected to retail for $299.99. Chase! is


The pre-order price is now $224 - and when you support our campaign with a pre-order now, you'll receive email updates as the development progresses 😊

Why Preorder?

Preordering Chase! for a discounted price of $224.00 is a no-risk way to back our most affordable lure course yet! (A preorder means you will be purchasing it now, for delivery Later). This gives you the opportunity to join us in our journey in devel

What happened to the price of $199?

When we launched Chase! we created a video announcing it that is still on youtube and our website. Please note that the $199 price was the early pre-order price offered in April & ended the last day of April. When it's available for shipping, it is p

When will Chase! Ship?

Chase! is still in development, so we don't have a ship date yet. We are hoping to have it ready for the holidays this year (2023), or possibly early next year. When you place a pre-order with us, you'll be us in our journey! We will send you email u

Can I cancel my preorder?

Yes!. Preordering Chase! is a no-risk way for you to back our newest endeavor! Because if you decide - for any reason - that you are no longer interested in Chase! just email [email protected] & we'll cancel your preorder for a full refund!. Canc

How fast is Chase!?

Chase! will be capable of variable speeds from 0 to 20mph!

How Big is the Chase! Course?

Chase! Will be capable of courses up to 100 feet long!. Chase! will be a continuous loop course. Some examples of a 100 foot course would be:

No More Batteries!

Just plug Chase! into your wall outlet! (AC power). No more charging and storing batteries!

What comes with Chase!?

Chase! is still in the development stage, so all the specifics have not been determined. But it will ship as a kit just like our other home lure courses. It will contain the motorized pulley and three field pulleys - and everything else needed to set

Control Chase! with Your Phone

Chase! is controlled from your phone using a free, downloadable app 😊. The app is currently in beta testing and will be available for download when Chase! is ready to ship. You will still have the option to purchase our handheld remote controller, w

Compare Chase! to SwiftPaws Home Original & Plus

Chase! Return Policy and Warranty

Chase! will have the same 30 day return policy and 1 year warranty just like all our Home Lure kits have!