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Frequently Asked Questions about the equipment


What is SwiftPaws?

SwiftPaws® is a health & wellness lifestyle brand for pets. We believe pets deserve to live their very best lives & we make beautifully playful products that help them do just that! We are a team of passionate pet-people from across the USA with head

Lure Coursing

SwiftPaws brings Lure Coursing into your own back yard!. Lure coursing is a competitive sport for sighthounds and is also a sport where dogs of all breeds can participate to earn titles. With the American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA), competit

How fast is the SwiftPaws Home and Home Plus?

The variable speed SwiftPaws Home Unit is capable of speeds up to 30 mph - and it’s reversible! Don’t worry too much if your dog runs faster than that! The lure doesn’t necessarily need to be faster than your dog can run - you just need to play keep

Main Components

The Main Drive Unit houses the motor and other electronics - it is not weather/waterproof. Home Original Main DriveHome Plus Main Drive. Remote Control. Both Home and Home Plus ship with the wireless remote. Powered by one replaceableCR123A battery t

What comes in the SwiftPaws original Kit?

The SwiftPaws Kit Contains: One (1) SwiftPaws Main Drive Unit One (1) Remote Control with CR123A disposable battery included Three (3) Corner Pulleys One (1) Roll of pink line (250') One (1) Starter pack of biodegradable plastic flags - printed wi

What comes in the SwiftPaws original Bundle?

Below is a list of everything that ships in the Deluxe Bundle. One (1) SwiftPaws Main Drive Unit One (1) Remote Control with one (1) CR123A disposable battery included Five (5) Corner Pulleys Six (6) Stakes Six (6) Tethers One (1) Charger One (1) Re

What comes in the SwiftPaws Home Plus kit?

One motorized main unit five field pulleys the remote controller a roll of line flags tethers & stakes rechargeable battery Battery charger and manual It also comes with links to tips & tricks and how-to videos.

What comes in the SwiftPaws Home Plus Bundle?

One motorized main unit five field pulleys the remote controller a roll of line flags tethers & stakes rechargeable battery Battery charger and manual It also comes with links to tips & tricks and how-to videos.

Is SwiftPaws right for my dog?

Most dogs love lure courses and gain valuable exercise that can also help with behavior. See Introducing your Pet to SwiftPaws for the First Time SwiftPaws home is perfect for so many different dogs because it's YOU who decides how to use it. You de

Is it safe?

SwiftPaws has built-in safety features - but the most important safety feature is YOU!. Injuries can happen with any high-energy sport (frisbee, dock diving, agility, lure coursing, etc.). It’s always good to be aware of the risk of any activity. Alw

Is it noisy?

The quick answer is that SwiftPaws no! It is powered by an electric motor which is not noisy at all. However the flag attached to the line is moving up to 30mph for Home Original, and 36mph for Home Plus. The flag makes noise as it moves through the

What if my dog doesn't like it?

While most dogs love SwiftPaws - there are some who just are not interested. We understand that the only way you're going to know for sure is to try it. So we offer a 30 day "for any reason" return policy. If during that time you decide you want to r

Which SwiftPaws should I use for my business?

SwiftPaws Home is designed for home use, but we do have customers who use it for their businesses such as doggie daycares, trainers, etc.SwiftPaws home is capable of courses up to 300 feet, and speeds up to 30mph, in both directions. It's battery pow

Safety Features

90 Second Shutoff: Your SwiftPaws home will shut off and beep/vibrate after 90 seconds of play to let you know it’s time to take a break. YOU are also a safety feature! Every pet has a different level of fitness, so it’s important to always watch

How long will my SwiftPaws Home unit last?

You can expect to enjoy your SwiftPaws for many years! All of our products are incredibly durable and built to last! Additionally, should you have any issue with your product, SwiftPaws Home comes with a 1 year warranty. We stand behind our product s

What if my dog is faster than SwiftPaws?

SwiftPaws is designed to exercise both the mind and body of your dog - so it isn't meant to be faster than your dog! SwiftPaws Home is capable of speeds up to 30 mph - and many dogs run faster than that and still enjoy SwiftPaws because it's meant fo

What happens when the dog catches the flag?

It's OK! Catching the flag is part of the fun for your pup! The kit ships with a roll of flags, so you'll be all set in case you need to tie a new one back on - if your pup tears it up! If you are concerned that they might eat the flag see: What if m

How Durable is SwiftPaws Equipment?

SwiftPaws home unit and pulleys are made of highly durable material. In fact the pulleys in your SwiftPaws Home kit are the very same ones that are used with our commercial grade units (as well as the line, tethers, and flags!). We are confident that

What is the maxium Home Course size?

The maximum course size that you can set up with SwiftPaws for home is limited by the motor's capabilities. We say "around 200-300 feet" because that's typically the size course you'll be able to set up. Under ideal conditions you might be able to se

Can I fly with my SwiftPaws machine?

Yes! You just need to make sure that the battery and your remote go into  your carry-on baggage!

Weight & Dimensions

The Drive Unit weighs 3lbs with the battery inside the compartment. Each field pulley weighs 1lb 6oz. See dims below The remote weighs 3oz. The kit weighs 17lbs.   These dimensions are overall +/- 1/8" - at widest part in

Will SwiftPaws satiate my dog's desire to chase small animals?

Will playing SwiftPaws stop you dog from wanting to chase squirrels and cats and other small creatures? The short answer is no. But dogs are very smart and can be trained to leave them alone - especially if you give them something they CAN chase inst

Can SwiftPaws be set up indoors/ on artificial turf?

YES! The SwiftPaws Home drive is electric - so it is safe to use indoors. But consideration must be given to the surface you intend for your dog to run on. If it is slippery, or hard or rough enough for our pup to get hurt in a fall, then it might be

Pad tear injuries

To prevent pad tear injuries, you can wrap the paws of more athletic, harder running pups like a lot of competitors in lure coursing do. Especially for the front paws. You can research how by googling it, you should be able to find videos of how peop

My dogs are afraid! What can I do?

You can also seek advice from other users on our Community page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/225897622181733

What does "Play time 10 minutes" mean?

The Home Original battery will last for about five 90 Second play sessions - which is about 10 minutes of motor run time. This might not sound like a lot, but it is sufficient for households with one or a few pups - especially if they all run togethe