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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about using SwiftPaws


Compare Home vs Home Plus

Home Original is more suited for individual home use with 1-3 pups. Home Plus is more suited for home use with larger packs - fast/high energy dogs - and small businesses. Note: "Play Time" refers to the length of time the fully charged battery lasts

How Everything SHOULD work

Here's how your main drive, remote, battery, & charger SHOULD be working: Knowing how each component SHOULD work will help you know what to report when you contact [email protected] Start by watching this video: SwiftPaws Home Step-by-Step Setup

Repair and Warranty Support

To Contact SwiftPaws for Support email us at: [email protected] It is rarely necessary to purchase a new drive unit - or remote controller. We can repair what goes wrong or send a replacement in exchange for the old. Please clean the mud, dirt,

What if my dog eats the flag?

The classic flags (show above) are biodegradable and printed with food grade ink- so they are non-toxic, however, if your dog has eaten the flag and you are concerned, you should definitely check in with your vet.   If your dog has a tendency to eat

Will SwiftPaws increase my dog's prey drive?

The simple answer is, not really. Much like throwing a ball or frisbee, playing with SwiftPaws relies on a dog's natural instincts to chase initially, but will only increase a dog's drive for the toy itself and would not be an effective way to increa

Exercising Your Young Puppy

Ask your Veterinarian about appropriate exercise for your puppy Playing with SwiftPaws, much like throwing a ball or frisbee, can be considered a high-intensity activity.  The best source for advice on exercising your puppy is your veterinarian. They

What is a “Play Session”?

One play session is the total length of time you interact with your pet using SwiftPaws. The SwiftPaws remote controller is programmed to start a timer when you first start to play after turning it on. It will vibrate one time to signal the start of

Safety Recommendations!

Please visit your veterinarian to be sure your pet is up for this kind of activity. Remember to ask your vet about exercise and your growing puppy!   YOU are the #1 Safety Feature! We recommend no more than two (2) play sessions per pet, per-day. Be

Can I leave the course set up?

We do not recommend leaving the SwiftPaws set up outside when not in use. It is designed to use outdoors, however the main drive housing is water resistant, but not waterproof.  You might decide to leave the course set up but we recommend at least b

Is it OK to let it get rained on?

Unfortunately no.  The SwiftPaws Drive should not be left out when not in use. It might be considered water resistant but it's not water proof. That means that if it starts to rain, grab it and bring it inside! It is designed for outdoor use, but we

The main drive unit is not water/weather proof

We do not recommend leaving the SwiftPaws drive (or remote controller) outside when not in use. If you opt to leave the course set up, please bring the drive unit and remote inside (they both house electrical components) when not in use, and during i

About the Duffle Bag

Our 20"x13"x12” Duffle Bag is made of a heavy-duty polyester fabric.

Where can I get more Stakes and Tethers?

We do not sell these separately on our website, because there is nothing special about them. Feel free to select any suitable stake or tether - they can be found in sporting goods stores; home, building, and department stores; and online.  When searc

Where can I get more line?

We have two options which can be found on our website SwiftPaws.com - under "SHOP" tab - select "ACCESSORIES" white which is a 500’ roll pink which is a 250’ roll You might also find it locally - just look for  #18 braided nylon (twisted will not w

Can I plug it into an AC power source?

We have looked into the possibly of a wall-adapter to power SwiftPaws Home in the past - as we'd love to offer it as an option - but so far this search has been unsuccessful. There are wall adapters available with an XT60 connector, and they will run

Am I Eligible for the Free Firmware Upgrade?

If you are experiencing difficulty or are having an issue with your old unit (shipped prior to December 1, 2020) you may be eligible for a one-time firmware upgrade free of charge. To learn more, please contact [email protected] Be prepared to p

How do I Initiate Low Speed Mode?

Note: Earlier models do not have these features.   You will have to enter low speed each time you turn on the remote. Turning the remote off will exit low speed. 👍 Turn on your remote pressing the on/off toggle button You can enter low-speed mode by

Is the bag the only thing I can use as a lure?

Generally, yes. The plastic is light-weight and tears easily if the pup won't let go - which prevents them from pulling the whole course apart (sometimes!). If you're looking for something more durable - homemade lures can be cut from old denim jeans

Compare Home vs. Home Plus vs. Pro!

The newest addition to the SwiftPaws line - is SwiftPaws Home Plus! Fitting perfectly in between Home and Professional! for more information on Home and Home Plus - contact us at [email protected] For more information and to order SwiftPaws Pro

What's the difference between Home and Home Plus?

Both SwiftPaws Home and Home Plus ship as a kit with everything you need to set up and run a lure course!. The major difference is in the follow three areas:. Actual, individual course size & battery performance will vary depending on multiple factor