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Home original 11.1v Battery

Information about the Home original battery

Disconnect battery from drive when not in use!

Leaving the LiPo battery plugged into the main drive unit when not in use is not recommended. The battery may continue to drain - and if the voltage drops below the minimum voltage this will permanently damage the battery. This would not be covered u

Quick Reference Original battery charging instructions

Main points for charging your Home Original battery

Charging 11.1v battery

If your charger is not working as expected, please contact [email protected] What to expect from your charger: When you first connect the battery to the charger and plug it in: All three LED lights should turn on. They might initially be red eve

Storing 11.1v battery

"Storing" is any time the battery will not be used with 3 days. If a LiPo battery sits unused either fully charged or discharged longer than 2 days it can become permanently damaged. For long term storage: Always store the battery at 11.4v and every

Just the Bullet Points (11.1v battery)

Using the 11.1v (Home Original) battery:. * about 10 minutes or five 90 second play sessions. Note: never charge the battery while it is plugged into the drive. Unplug the battery from the drive first before plugging it into the charger.

About the B3 Pro Charger

The SwiftPaws Home is capable of speeds up to 30 mph - in both directions. If your SwiftPaws is not performing as well as expected, the problem might be your battery. If your battery is swollen or misshaped -  do not charge or use it get a picture

About the HotRC Upgraded Charger

When charging the Home Original 11.1v battery using the HotRC charger:. It is not possible to connect the battery to the wrong port - just make sure the number of pin holes match the number of pins in the charger port!. NOTE: Always send a picture wh

Voltages: Minimum, Maximum, Storage, & Replacement

Minimum, Maximum, Storage, & Replacement Voltages for the 11.1v battery. CAUTION: The battery should always be allowed to come to room-temperature before charging. Charging a hot or cold battery might delay charging or damage the battery. For best re

How long does it take to charge the (11.1v) battery?

The charge times can vary depending on how low the battery charge is when you begin recharging. NOTE: When you first plug the battery into the charger the lights might initially turn red. Even if the battery was not used. Once the charger senses that

Battery run time - Original Home Battery 11.1v

A fully charged 11.1v  Home Original Battery will last for approximately 10 minutes of motor run time. That's about Five 90 second play sessions (each time you bypass the auto shutdown counts as one session). Over discharging (using the battery past

Life Expectancy of the Home original 11.1V battery

Performance will decline or stop if the battery voltage is allowed to drop below the 3.2v per cell - we recommend stopping to recharge before this happens as you risk permanently damaging the battery by over discharging. Replace the charger if it sto

Compatible 11.1v battery specs

!!!!! NOTE: DO NOT REMOVE THE BATTERY LABEL/WRAPPER !!!!! No! You may opt to look for compatible batteries at a local home / hobby store or online. PLEASE NOTE: it is recommended that you purchase the charger that is recommended for the battery you p

Larger Capacity 11.1v Battery for Original Home

A larger capacity battery will last longer. We do not offer them for sale on our website. They are physically larger and won’t fit perfectly into the battery compartment, but they work just fine with the machine.  You can purchase compatible batterie

Home Plus battery is Not Compatible

Home Original and Home Plus batteries are NOT compatible!. Home original uses a 3 cell 11.1v battery. Home Plus uses a 4 cell 14.8v battery. If you purchased a larger capacity 11.1v battery - which is physically larger than the battery that ships wit

11.1v Battery Connectors

11.1v  Battery connectors:. The JST-XHR-4P connector plugs into the charger. XT 60 plugs into the drive.

When to replace the battery

The capacity of your rechargeable LiPo Battery will gradually decrease over time and as it's used  (charged/discharged). It will need to be replaced when it reaches 80% capacity. Charge cycles are only one factor that determines when it's time to rep

The Battery Pack Should Not be "Unwrapped"!!!

The plastic wrapper is part of the battery pack and SHOULD NOT BE REMOVED! LiPo batteries contain chemicals and should not be exposed - do not puncture or open - dispose of properly - do not use if damaged - they can cause an extremely hot fire that

The charger popped, there's a bad odor, and is not charging.

If the charger pops, smokes, or there is a bad odor this is an indication of a bad charger. Discontinue use and replace the charger. Contact [email protected] if your unit is under warranty for a replacement, or purchase a new one on our website

Why does my 11.1v Battery only lasts for a few minutes?

A fully charged battery should last for about 10 minutes of runtime (that's the time the motor is actually running, idle time between runs does not count!) If your battery only lasts a minute or two, your battery and/or charger might need replacing.

How long does the battery last?

The Home Original (11.1v) battery is good for ten minutes of motor run time; that's about five 90 second play sessions.

The charger has lights - how can I tell what the voltage is

If you are using SwiftPaws every day - or every 2 or 3 days, it is fine to charge to full after each use and you'll be ready for the next run!. You can estimate the voltage based on how long you have used it. Always start with a fully charged battery

When and how much to charge 11.1v battery

WHEN and HOW MUCH to charge your LiPo battery is a bit of a balancing act that seems almost impossible but it just takes a bit of planning.- The battery needs to be charged to full before each use, even if it was only used a little the time before. -

battery cover battery placement

Be sure to disconnect the battery from the drive when not in use 👍

Battery full, but drive won't run

If you're getting all three green lights, and your battery is close to a year old or older, and the drive will not run - It could be that your rechargeable battery needs to be replaced. The maximum capacity of a LiPo battery naturally declines both o