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Remote Control

The wireless, variable speed, reversible, remote controller ships with the kit. It uses a CR123A (A123) Lithium battery that lasts for two or more years. Use it to control both the direction and speed of the lure.

How to Turn On the Remote Controller

Press the On/Off button once to turn on the remote. If you press it again this will turn it off. It will automatically shut off after 90 seconds. The controller will vibrate & the LED will flash red after 80 seconds and then turn off 10 seconds later

Remote Controller Won't Turn On

Watch your fingers, they can also damage the circuit card. NOTE: Open the case while it is lying flat on a stable surface - to keep the internal elements in place.

Pairing the remote and drive

The wireless remote syncs automatically to the main drive unit - but they must remain within 10-15 feet to maintain this connection 👍. Be sure to begin with a fully charged battery in the main drive. 1. Turn the drive on - it will sound the "start u

Remote Controller Features

If your remote does not have the white "control trigger" Go here for your remote. This remote controller comes with a replaceable CR123A battery - do not use rechargeable batteries in the remote controller. This remote does not need to be calibrate

Reseating / Replacing the remote control battery

Refer to this video if you received your remote control after July 1st, 2020 - it has a disposable CR123A battery. DO NOT REPLACE WITH RECHARGEABLE BATTERY

Distance between Drive and Remote Controller

The main drive unit (both Home Original and Home Plus) and the remote controller sync or "pair" automatically when the drive and remote are powered on and within 10-15 feet of each other. If the remote is already powered on when you turn on the main

Variable speeds

The wireless remote controller pairs automatically to the main drive unit & must remain within 10-15 feet of each other to maintain this connection 👍. The remote is powered by a replaceable CR123A battery that lasts for a year or two! Note: always u

Remote Control Battery

If you received your control after July 1st, 2020 it will NOT need to be charged. It comes with a replaceable CR123A battery (also might be called A123) which can be purchased anywhere batteries are sold.  They look like a short double A battery. Th

Continue play -By Pass the 90 second Auto-Shutdown feature

Activate Low Speed

TO ENTER LOW SPEED MODE. To stop low speed and return to normal speed:. Click here for a video that shows how to enter Slow Mode using your remote controller.

Remote Control - battery or rechargeable?

You will only need to charge your remote control If  you received it before July 1st, 2020 (Scroll down for information on remotes shipped after July 1st, 2020) It would have come with a USB cable. If it is lost or broken, you may use any USB Micro B

Lost Remote Controller

We do not sell the remote controller separately on our website because in most cases they can be repaired. Some exceptions are:. If your remote is lost or is damaged beyond repair, please email [email protected]. Please provide:. They will place

Pair Remote with Drive

The wireless remote controller syncs automatically to the main drive unit once both are turned on. 1) Turn on the main drive unit. After it sounds the start up beeps, it will begin to sound two beeps as it awaits connection to the remote (two same-to