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Skyrocket that learning curve! What to do for a successful start to Home Lure Coursing.


Read this first!

The battery ships at the storage voltage so it needs to be charged to full before using it to avoid damaging the battery. To avoid leaving a fully charged battery sitting longer than 3 days without using it - charge to full the day of use

Watch These "How To" Video links

Watching these "how to" videos will save you time and frustration.

Email Support for Help!

Email [email protected] with issues, problems, or questions. Provide your original order number, or reach out using the email you used to place the order. Amazon customers send a screenshot showing order number and date of purchase.

Is it waterprooof?

No!. None of our lure equipment drive units - or remote controllers - are waterproof or weatherproof and must be brought into a climate controlled area when not in use 👍