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Can I leave the course set up?Updated 2 months ago

SwiftPaws is desiged to be easily set up and taken down for each use. Some people report not being able to leave anything part of the system out where their dog can see, or they will want to play. 

If you are considering leaving the course set up - you must bring at least the remote controller and the main drive unit indoors when not in use. it's fine to leave the field pulleys staked into place. It is not harmful if they get wet, you can even hose them off to clean them. But the unattended drive unit and controller must be brought indoors (so even for breaks). They are not waterproof or weatherproof and should be stored in a climate-controlled area when not in use. 

Bring these into climate controlled area

We also recommend using the hand line winder included in your kit to wind up the line and bringing it inside. The line will deteriorate quickly if left out in the weather. Optionally, we offer a prototype line winder on our website. But if you do not mind having to replace the line more often, you can leave it outdoors; use the main drive stake to hold the line in place when you remove the drive unit from the course. 

Taking care of your SwiftPaws; keeping it clean and stored out of the elements when not in use will ensure many years of fun for you and your pups!

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