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Can SwiftPaws be set up indoors/ on artificial turf?Updated 2 years ago

YES! The SwiftPaws Home drive is electric - so it is safe to use indoors.

But consideration must be given to the surface you intend for your dog to run on. If it is slippery, or hard enough for our pup to get hurt in a fall, then it might be a good idea to take the setup outdoors.

We do not recommend setup on concrete. Ideally the play surface should be sufficiently padded so that your pup doesn't get hurt in a fall, or suffer injury to it's pads.

The ground stakes that come with SwiftPaws cannot be used indoors nor for set up on artificial turf. You will still need to tether and anchor the drive and pulleys. Something weighted, like sandbags (not included) work well. You might also be able to tether to stationary items.


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