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Charging the LiPo BatteryUpdated 5 months ago

Always start with a freshly, fully charged battery every time (including the first time out of the box). It is fine to charge the battery a day or two before intended use. 

Allow the battery to come to room temperature before charging - ideally, between 50º and 80ºF (10º-30ºC).

  • Plug the charger into the AC power source
  • Plug the battery into the charger (see illustration below)
  • Always use a fire resistant bag or container while charging (do not over fill)
  • Monitor charging and remove the battery from the charger when it reaches a full charge:
    • 3 green lights on the B3 Pro charger
    • Max capacity in readout of the Hot RC charger
  • If you cannot be present for charging, remove the battery from the charger and resume charging when you can be present. Do not use the battery until it can be fully charged.
  • Allow the battery to come to room temperature before using. 

Leaving the LiPo battery plugged into the main drive unit when not in use is not recommended. The switch may  get accidentally turned on and the battery will continue to drain - and if the voltage drops below the minimum voltage. This will permanently damage the battery. Protect your investment - ALWAYS disconnect the battery plug from the drive when not in use.

Search this support center for more specific information on all topics.

Charging tips from the manufacturer:

  • Always ensure you are using the correct charger for the specific battery type you are trying to charge. Example: If you are charging a Lipo battery, only use a charger designed for Lipo batteries. If the charger can support different battery types, ensure you select the correct type. Failure to do so may cause a fire, which may result in personal injury and property damage.
  • Always charge batteries at a rate of 1c (one (1) times the capacity unless specified by the manufacturer.
  • Always use a compatible balanced mode charger, specifically designed for the chemistry of battery you are using.
  • Always charge Batteries in an open area away from flammable materials, liquids and surfaces.
  • Never charge Batteries inside of the model.
  • Never charge Batteries that are too hot to the touch (above 100° F). DO NOT handle Batteries until they are cool.
  • Never charge a battery that shows signs of puffing.
  • Never charge a battery pack that has been punctured or damaged.
  • If you start seeing any physical changes to the battery while charging example puffing, STOP charging immediately and dispose of the battery responsibly.
  • Always check the voltage of Batteries before each charge session in order to ensure they are at or above the minimum safe starting voltage. If starting voltage is below recommended levels, then Batteries have been over discharged or have experienced a failure and should NOT be charged
  • Never overcharge Batteries beyond the capacity listed on Batteries labels.
  • If you notice your LiPo battery pack is swelling while charging, stop the charging process immediately, put the battery in a safe non-flammable metal container and observe it.

CAUTION: The battery should always be allowed to come to room-temperature before charging. Charging a hot or cold battery might delay charging or damage the battery. For best results, charge the battery at temperatures between 50º and 80ºF (10º-30ºC).


The advice given above is general in nature and you are responsible for the safety of your batteries. SwiftPaws is not responsible for any direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages and personal injuries, including that to life, and health, resulting from the customer’s application and use of batteries sold by SwiftPaws.com.

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