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Chase!Updated 15 days ago

Thanks for your interest in our Chase! campaign 😊

The early pre-order price announced in April was $199 - this price was offered for April orders only and ended on the last day of April. 

The pre-order price is now $224 - and if you support our campaign with a pre-order now, you'll receive email updates as the development progresses 😊

If you decide to wait to order Chase! when it's ready for shipping (we hope by year's end) the retail price will be $299.99  - and you can watch our progression when we post updates on our website!  Note: the old announcements will remain on the website, and any pricing mentioned in previous videos become obsolete once the time period has passed. 

  • Can be set up indoors or outdoors!
  • Courses up to 100 feet! (for example a square course would be 25 feet on each side)
  • Variable speeds up to 20 mph!
  • Controlled using an app on your phone!
  • Plug it into your home's AC power outlet! 
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