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Chase! Maximum Course SizeUpdated 18 days ago

The maximum size of the course is 100 feet - that's a square 25 feet per side. The line that ships with the course is 250 feet so you won't use the entire roll when you set up your course for the first time. The size of your actual course may be a bit larger or a bit smaller depending on other factors. If the ground is uneven, or is sloped, or the grass is wet; if the grass is long or there is other debris that the line moves through; how many pulleys you have in the course; and even the type of lure you use. The cloth "critters" are heavier than the biodegradable lures that ship with the kit, etc. Basically anything that adds "drag," which increases the load to the motor. The heavier the load, the smaller the course will have to be. 
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