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Drive runs erratically / on its own (Ghost running)Updated a year ago

"Ghost running" is usually due to the "trigger wheel" being improperly placed inside the handle. The "foot" circled in green below - should be facing toward the bottom of the handle as shown in the image below.

This has also been reported when off-brand batteries are used to replace the CR123A battery inside the remote. Please use quality, name brand batteries when replacing the remote battery to avoid erratic behavior. 

The image above shows the "back side" of the trigger wheel. It should not be visible when properly placed in the remote (the side containing the circuit board as shown above).

It might also be due to the trigger wheel being too dirty for the optic sensor to work. If there is a lot of dirt inside the remote, use a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol to clean the trigger wheel.

Note: The inside of the remote should really not be able to get dirty enough to affect performance. 

However - theoretically - if a pup attempted to "use" the remote - this can result in a hole appearing in the case, which allows dirt to stick to the drool that often accompanies this theoretical situation. 🐶 Theoretically, if this should happen - covering the hole with tape to keep dirt out should help.

On a more serious note, the remote is not designed (or warrantied) for canine use due to the battery and electronics inside.

For help email [email protected] - send pictures & videos whenever possible!

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