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Drive stalls and/or is beepingUpdated 2 years ago

One of SwiftPaws Home safety features is the auto-stall that shuts down the motor when a disturbance is detected in the system. For example if your pup steps on the line or catches the flag. (Search this support center for articles about the safety features)

There are other reasons your drive may stall. Following are some things you can check.  And refer to this link for Machine Beep Codes. Please mention which code your drive is sounding if you reach out for support.

  • Check your course - look for tall grass, uneven terrain, or other types of debris that may be putting drag on the line that could be triggering the stall safety feature.
    • Setup on trimmed lawn
    • Re-position the pulleys to keep the line an even distance from the ground
    • Clear away any debris
  • Check to ensure your wireless controller is working 
    • It vibrates when powered on and LED lights up 
    • If not please check the battery and contact [email protected] for assistance - videos are always helpful.
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged:

  • The B3 Pro charger will show ALL THREE LED lights green - or the battery is not fully charged. If one or more LEDs never light at all - the charger is bad.

  • The HotRC charger shows the voltage in the readout window: 
    • Original Home 11.1v battery maximum voltage is 12.6
    • Home Plus 14.8v battery maximum voltage is 16.8
  • Once your battery maximum charge reaches 80% of the above maximum voltage, it's time to replace the battery.
    • 80% max for the 3S 11.1v original Home battery this is around 10.8v
    • 80% max for the 4S Home Plus battery this is around 13.4v
  • Check the tension on your line. It may be too taut.
    • Adjust the tension by un-staking the SwiftPaws Unit and moving it forward and back to create just the right amount of tension. See the video below:
  • Set up a smaller course - and once you get a size that works properly - slowing increase the size until you notice a decline in performance -then go back to the largest size that worked well.

For help email [email protected] - send pictures & videos whenever possible!


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