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Erratic behavior - running out of controlUpdated 7 months ago

"Ghost running" is usually due to the "trigger wheel" being improperly placed inside the handle. If the trigger wheel is sticking, it's usually due to the screw in the handle being too tight. 

Read through all 5 steps below FIRST - then follow the steps to correct for erratic function.

Open the case while it is lying flat on a stable surface - to keep the internal elements in place.

Take care when removing battery - tools slipping or fingers catching the components on the circuit board will permanently damage it.

Above is damage from fingers scraping and tool slipping - lift the circuit card out of handle if you need to remove the battery.

1. Remove the two screws from the case & separate the two halves.

2. Check that the trigger wheel and spring are positioned as shown in illustrations below:

When the trigger wheel is placed in remote handle be sure the "foot" is positioned towards the bottom of the remote handle - and the spring is placed so that it is under the white trigger wheel - with the two pegs positioned inside the triangular area formed by the spring legs - as shown
3. Make sure the battery is "seated" by pressing it into place and gently rolling it to make sure its secure 

- When replacing battery, make sure the positive (+) end of the battery is facing the bottom of the remote handle. The narrow tip of the circuit card points toward the dog's head of the remote handle.

4. Put the two handle pieces back together - LIGHTLY tightening the screws.

5. If the trigger wheel sticks, or does not snap back to center on its own - loosen the screw nearest the trigger until it moves freely. It does not need to be super tight.

If this doesn't fix the issue - email [email protected] and send a video showing what going on 👍

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