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Home Plus Internal Drive WheelUpdated 6 months ago

Thank you for being one of our earliest members of the SwiftPaws Pack 🥳

We have identified that the internal drive wheel in the early Home Plus units may prematurely wear, which impacts how the unit functions.

wheel pointed to in image

The internal wheel in is the one being pointed to in the image above!

Not all units are impacted but we want to make you aware of this. All SwiftPaws kits ship with a 1 year warranty, but if your Home Plus is impacted, we will replace the warn internal wheel - regardless of how long ago you purchased your kit. 

If your Home Plus is working fine, no action on your part is necessary. 

But if you think your Home Plus might be impacted just email [email protected]

When you reach out, please mention that it might be the drive wheel issue - and provide the original order number (or the name / email address used to purchase your kit) so we can find it in our system. Videos are always welcome when reaching out to support! 👍

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