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How Everything SHOULD WorkUpdated 3 months ago

Here's how your main drive, remote, battery, & charger SHOULD be working:

Knowing how each component SHOULD work will help you know what to report when you contact [email protected]

Start by watching this video: SwiftPaws Home Step-by-Step Setup A-Z

It's about 14 minutes long - but as you watch it, you may become aware of something that you overlooked or are doing differently - which might make a difference in performance. 

About the main drive unit:

  • when you turn the power switch to the "on" position:
    • you will hear three (3) beeps, increasing in tone
    • then you will hear two (2) beeps every few seconds until the drive syncs with the remote
      • when they sync the drive will sound two (2) rapid beeps 
      • note: the two rapid beeps may happen during the 2 slower beeps resulting in a strange beeping pattern - but once it beeps rapidly twice - the beeping should stop because the drive and remote will be paired. 

About the remote: 
Remain within 10-15 feet of the main drive unit to maintain connection.

Note: Moving the trigger wheel too soon after turning the remote on may cause "ghost running". If your SwiftPaws seems to have a mind of its own and runs without your input - try turning the remote off. Then when you turn it back on, allowing a few moments for it to sync with the drive before moving the trigger wheel.

About the battery and charger:
If your battery is not fully charged, the drive may not work well, or may not work at all.

  • You may have to push pretty firmly to get the battery connector to fit firmly into place on the charger 
  • when you first plug the battery in - the LED lights on the charger will light up red
  • As the three cells inside the battery reach full charge - the corresponding LED light will turn green
  • this can take several hours, and possibly up to 24 hours. 

If an LED light never comes on - or if one more more LED lights never turn green - your battery is not being fully charged.

If after 24 hours all three (3) LED lights do not turn green - email [email protected] and describe the problem, and what you've already done to troubleshoot


Tips for best performance:

For help email [email protected] - send pictures & videos whenever possible!

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