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Is it safe?Updated 5 months ago

SwiftPaws has built-in safety features - but the most important safety feature is YOU! 

Injuries can happen with any high-energy sport (frisbee, dock diving, agility, lure coursing, etc.). It’s always good to be aware of the risk of any activity. 

Always seek the advice and recommendation from your pup's Veterinarian for any high-energy activity for each individual pup before engaging in this type of activity.

SwiftPaws is NOT for young puppies who are still growing. 

For setting up SwiftPaws we ask that you never make corners sharper than 90 degrees.

Always check your pup for any possible abrasion from the line (which can happen from the line whether the machine is running or not). 

Ultimately, we believe you know your dog best and if you have concerns about your pup’s safety is always best to play it safe 😊

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