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Lure CoursingUpdated 2 years ago

SwiftPaws brings Lure Coursing into your own back yard!

Lure coursing is a competitive sport for sighthounds and is also a sport where dogs of all breeds can participate to earn titles. With the American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA), competition is limited to a list of specific sighthound breeds. The AKC and UKC also offer competitive lure coursing for sighthounds, as well as “ability” and “straight dash” style coursing that is open to all breeds. In fact, SwiftPaws lure coursing equipment ran the very first AKC sanctioned FAST CAT event in Florida.

SwiftPaws - the First Ever Backyard Lure Coursing Machine

SwiftPaws has taken the pinnacle of the lure sport even further with their revolutionary 3rd generation lineup of lure coursing machines, with the world’s first ever backyard lure coursing machine. The lineup also includes the most technologically advanced commercial equipment available in the market today.

SwiftPaws has been manufacturing commercial lure coursing equipment, partnering with charitable animal organizations, operating lure coursing at events around the country, and making dogs and their owners happy since 2012.

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