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Remote stopped working? Try this:

Be sure to keep the remote control within 10-15 feet of the main drive unit maintain the connection between them.

Check all the bullet points:
  • Remove the two screws from the case & separate the two halves.
  • Remove the battery and carefully press the two connectors (circled in blue below) toward each other slightly, to assure they make firm contact when the battery is replaced
  • note: Connectors can become loosened if the remote is dropped just right - the weight of the battery can bend the connector just enough to cause poor contact. 
  • When replacing battery, make sure the positive (+) end of the battery is facing the bottom of the remote handle.
  • Once in position, roll the battery in place to ensure good contact with connectors.
  • Check that the trigger wheel and spring are positioned as shown in illustrations below

when placed in remote handle this side will go down - the other side facing up as shown in the first illustration.

If you have tried all this and are sure the battery is good - please contact [email protected] and describe what is happening and mention everything you've already tried to get it to work. 👍We'll take care you!
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