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Reseating / Replacing the remote control batteryUpdated a month ago

DO NOT USE ANY TOOL TO REMOVE THE BATTERY - IT WILL SLIP AND DAMAGE THE CIRCUIT CARD! Instead, lift the whole circuit card out of the handle to better grasp the battery if necessary.

NOTE: Open the case while it is lying flat on a stable surface to keep the internal elements in place. 

  • Remove the screws from the case & separate the two halves.
  • The circuit card with the battery attached will lift out of the handle. Do not use tools to remove the battery, to avoid slipping and damaging the circuit board.
  • If the battery seems loose - carefully press the two connectors (circled in blue below) toward each other slightly to assure they make firm contact when the battery is replaced
    • note: Connectors can become loosened if the remote is dropped just right - the weight of the battery can bend the connector just enough to cause poor contact. 
  • Take care when removing battery - tools slipping or fingers catching the components on the circuit board will permanently damage it.
  • When placing the battery be sure the positive (+) end of the battery is facing the bottom of the remote handle.
    • If you removed the whole circuit card - make sure the narrow tip of the circuit card points toward the top of the remote (the dog's head)
  • Place the battery between the two connectors & roll the battery in place to ensure good contact 
  • Check that the trigger wheel and spring are positioned as shown in illustrations below

When placed in remote handle the side shown above will go down toward the outside of the handle (not toward the center of the remote when the two sides are put together)  - as shown in the top illustration.

IMPORTANT! When replacing the screws in the remote control handle - the screw nearest the trigger wheel does not need to be overly tightened!  If you find that the trigger wheel does not move freely back to center when released from either full up or full down - loosen the screw until it moves freely. 
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