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The line keeps breaking!

1) Make sure you're using the tethers between the stake and the pulleys (and drive) - this is very important for maintaining the tension when the line is disturbed by either the dog catching the lure - or making contact with the line. The line may be breaking instead of the course flexing if the tethers are left out. 

Tip: You can use a loop of the line for a tether.

2) Rapid degradation of the line is almost always due to leaving the course set up with the line in place. 

Weather is one enemy to line longevity, and If your habit is to leave the course set up with the line in place when not in use  - and your pup has access to the course - they might also be chewing on the line to get it to go!

We recommended setting up and taking down the course after each use. 

While it might be preferable to leave at least the pulleys in place - it pays to wind up the line and bring it inside along with the main drive and remote controller (these can NOT be left outdoors when not in use).

Tip: We now offer the prototype auto line winder for sale on our website. It makes set up and break down a breeze!
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