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The line keeps breaking!Updated 5 months ago

There are a number of reasons the line might be breaking more often than expected. Here are a few, with tips to prevent it.

1) Make sure you're using the tethers between the stake and the pulleys (and drive) Tip: You can use a loop of the line for a tether as seen in the video below 👍 

2) Weather can cause the line to deteriorate more rapidly We recommended setting up and taking down the course after each use. 

It's fine to leave the field pulleys staked in place - but the main drive and remote controller can NOT be left outdoors when not in use. It pays to wind up the line and bring it inside with the electronic equipment.

Tip: We now offer the prototype auto line winder for sale on our website. It makes set up and break down a breeze! 
See how it works by clicking here!

3) Drive and Pulley placement.
If your line is rubbing on the ground at high points, or on the equipment, it will wear out quickly and cause damage to anything it's rubbing on, such as the lid of the drive. 
See this article for tips on pulley placement on uneven ground.

4) Line Tension.
SwiftPaws is designed to work on very light tension. Try adjusting the tension to the very lightest tension possible. The line will stretch with use, so it's possible you may have to readjust the tension during a session (at least initially with new line).  
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