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Troubleshooting the batteryUpdated 2 years ago

The battery might not be working properly if:

  • The drive is not turning on at all
  • The drive is sounding two decreasing-in-tone beeps indicating low voltage.
  • The drive will move the lure a few feet or for a few seconds and then quit.
  • The lure moves very slowly, or not at all.
  • If the battery is swollen – the battery is bad and should not be charged or used. Take it to recycle center ASAP for proper disposal. Google “battery recycle center near me” (get a picture of it for warranty support)
  • If the battery has been damaged, it should not be charged or used. Keep away from anything flammable and immediately dispose of it properly. 
  • If the battery has reached 80% capacity it's time to replace it.

NOTE: If you have more than one battery – and the charger LEDs light up the same for both (ex: the same LED is red and will not turn green)  – it is most likely a bad charger.

Sometimes it's difficult to know if it's the battery or the charger at fault. So check the article, "The charger might be bad if ..." to see if you can pinpoint which. 

When contacting [email protected] - include pictures, videos, and report all troubleshooting efforts and results 👍

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