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Troubleshooting the main drive unitUpdated 16 days ago

First be sure you are using a freshly, fully charged battery. 

For Home original 11.1v battery and B3 Pro battery - All three LED lights turn green.

For Home original 11.1v battery and HotRC charger:

    • Original Home 11.1v battery maximum voltage is 12.6v
    • Home Plus 14.8v battery maximum voltage is 16.8v

Based on the following information - pinpoint what is going wrong and report your results when you reach out to [email protected] for warranty support. Send pictures and videos that support your findings.


  • You will hear three start-up beeps (increasing in tone)
  • Then you'll hear two single-tone beeps indicating the drive is searching for the remote
  • You'll hear two rapid beeps signaling that the drive and remote have paired.
    • NOTE: these two rapid beeps might occur immediately if your remote controller is already on and within range.
  • TURN ON REMOTE by pressing the on/off toggle button:
    • the remote will vibrate twice 
    • the LED light will start blinking green
  • When you move the trigger wheel in either direction, the LED light will become steady green 
  • Once the remote is paired with the drive, moving the trigger wheel will drive the motor in the main drive unit - 

  • * The line will move in one direction when you move the trigger up
  • * The other direction when you move the trigger down
  • * Slower when you move the trigger only part way
  • * Fastest when you move the trigger as far as it will go

For help email [email protected] - send pictures & videos whenever possible!

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