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Troubleshooting the Remote ControlUpdated a year ago

If your remote suddenly stops working - or fails to turn on:

  • Keep the remote within 10-15 feet of the main drive unit to maintain connection.
  • The battery might have been jarred loose.  
  • The battery might need to be replaced*
Be sure to check all the bullet points:
  • Remove the two screws from the case & separate the two halves.
  • Remove the battery and carefully press the two connectors (circled in blue below) toward each other slightly to assure they make firm contact when the battery is replaced
    • note: Connectors can become loosened if the remote is dropped just right - the weight of the battery is sufficient to bend the connector just enough to cause poor contact. 
  • When replacing battery, make sure the positive (+) end of the battery is facing the bottom of the remote handle.
  • Once in position, roll the battery in place to ensure good contact with connectors.
  • Check that the trigger wheel and spring are positioned as shown in illustrations below
The image above shows the "back side" of the trigger wheel. It should not be visible when properly placed in the remote (the side containing the circuit board as shown above).

*About the battery:

The remote has a disposable battery inside which should be good for a year or two. 

    • Use a CR123A battery 
    • do NOT use a rechargeable battery in the remote
    • off brand batteries have been known to cause erratic performance - please use quality, brand name replacements.

For help email [email protected] - send pictures & videos whenever possible!

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