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What happened to the price of $199?Updated 15 days ago

When we launched Chase! we created a video announcing it that is still on youtube and our website. Please note that the $199 price was the early pre-order price offered in April & ended the last day of April. When it's available for shipping, it is projected to retail for $299.99

Our campaign for Chase! is an ongoing effort as it is still in development. The earliest information on our website includes the earliest pre-order price which ended in April. We will continue to add updates to the website, but we won't be removing the old so that everyone can join us in the journey from conception to delivery! 

You will receive updates via email when you support the campaign with a pre-order! Or just watch for updates on our website. Once Chase! is available to ship, it will retail for $299.99! Still the best price there is for a SwiftPaws Home Lure kit!
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