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What is SwiftPaws?Updated 3 months ago

SwiftPaws® is a health & wellness lifestyle brand for pets. We believe pets deserve to live their very best lives & we make beautifully playful products that help them do just that! We are a team of passionate pet-people from across the USA with headquarters on the east coast of Central Florida.

Our flagship product, SwiftPaws Home allows you to create the best game of chase ever in your very own backyard. It’s easy to setup, and perfect for people with busy schedules that still want to give their pet great healthy exercise while having fun. Pet owners, industry professionals, and most importantly the animals themselves LOVE SwiftPaws.

You set the pace! Using the wireless remote controller, you move the lure flag around a continuous loop course any size up to 350 feet at variable speeds up to 30pmh - forward and reverse - until your doggo (or cat!)  catches the flag for the victory! SwiftPaws Home Plus is capable of even larger courses and faster speeds.

See a complete set up below - it's so easy!

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