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Will SwiftPaws increase my dog's prey drive?Updated 3 months ago

The simple answer is, not really.

Much like throwing a ball or frisbee, playing with SwiftPaws relies on a dog's natural instincts to chase initially, but will only increase a dog's drive for the toy itself and would not be an effective way to increase a dog's prey drive. We have even had customers report that their dogs will chase SwiftPaws while a squirrel watches on - meaning that their dogs would rather play with SwiftPaws than chase the real thing 😂

Not all dog's have a strong prey drive, and so while we like to say that SwiftPaws turns prey drive into play drive there will always be dogs that simply have no desire to chase! That's also why we have a 30-day return policy, because we know that you can't always be sure if a product like this is right for your dog without giving it a try.

Please contact a qualified dog trainer or behaviorist for advice, questions, or concerns you may have. We can only offer our own experience and observations as well as what's reported to us by our customers, and every dog has their own, unique personality!

In our experience, SwiftPaws is a great way to increase your dog’s plastic bag drive 😉

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