Adjust Line Tension

How to adjust line tension for Chase!

This video shows the drive struggling because the line tension is too tight. In this video, the "fix" was to loosen the tension - ajusting for that "sweet spot" - this also required shortening the line to about a 75' (22.5m) course.

Chase! is designed to run on light tension. This video will show you how to get it "just right" (not too tight or too loose)
To adjust the tension - unstake the drive and move forward to loosen line and back to pull the line tighter - when it is just barly lifting the line but not making it taught, the tension should be just right. If the line slips, tighten it just a bit more.

AVOID THE TEMPTATION TO TIGHTEN THE LINE if you notice the flags (especially the critters) bogging down at the pulleys. Making the line tigher is going to make the issue worse. It might help to use this method for tying the lure onto the line Tying the Line Knot for Course and Flag

NOTE: when the drive begins to act up it will continue to do so until you power off for about a minute before turning it back on to make adjustments. You may also need to press and hold the pairing button to get the blue light on the device to blink.

Start with a small course - less than 100 feet.
Once you get a smaller course running, you can tie on more line to make it larger. If you notice a decline in performance, go back to the smaller size that did work. That will be your maximum size for those particular conditions. If you change anything - like use a critter instead of flag - you may need to adjust the course again.

Jul 17, 2024

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