Determine Your Chase! Maximum Course Size

The maximum course size that Chase! will successfully run is about 100 feet. That's 25 feet per side for a square course. But your actual course size may be a bit smaller based on the specific conditions for your setup.

If your drive may run erratically, jerking, or hesitating, or won't run at all the drive is being overtaxed so the first to do is determine your maximum course size.

To determine the maximum course for your specific setup, first set up a smaller course of 60 or 80 feet (ie: a square 15 or 20 feet per side).

Once you get a smaller course running as expected, you can gradually increase the size until performance drops, and then go back to the last size that worked well. This will be your maximum.

Note: Setting up a course somewhere else, or when things that add "drag" to the course change (using a critter lure instead of a compostable flag, cutting the grass, etc.) you may have to adjust the course size to compensate for these changes.

Jul 17, 2024

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