How to Update Chase Device

  • Open the SwiftPaws app.
  • Tap continue
  • Tap let's play
  • Select the device (or install a device if necessary and then select it)
  • To check for updates to the main drive click the three lines at the top/right of the app
  • Then select "Update Device"
  • If there are no updates available you will see the message "No update was found"
  • If there is an update - follow the prompts to install it.

If there is an update available you will see something like the image below. Click "Start Update" and follow the prompts for install the update if needed. Be sure to unplug the device after the installation as instructed in the message that appears after installation is complete.
UpdateAvailable \(1\).jpg

If you already have the current update installed -you will get a message that there was no update found.

Just click Okay 👍

Jul 17, 2024

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