Why recharge the battery for each use?

The charging instructions seem almost impossible to get right!  Here we dig deeper into WHY it matters if the battery is not charged before each use.

The LiPo battery has internal cells. While you are using the battery - it may discharge one cell faster than another.

The voltage between internal cells must be balanced before EACH use - and the way to do this is to charge the battery to full before each use - even if you only used it a little bit the time before.

For this reason, it is not recommended to use your battery more than once before recharging it, because you run the risk of over-discharging one or more cells - but you won't know this because another cell has more voltage so the total is still enough to power the drive - but in doing so - it will damage the battery.

If you don't use it every day, charging gets even more complicated. See the charging in formation for your battery by clicking the appropriate link below:

Charging Home Original 11.1v battery
Charging Home Plus 14.8v Battery

LiPo batteries do not need to be fully discharged before recharging, see: Recharge Before Fully Discharging - YES!

Jul 12, 2024

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