Cleaning the equipment

SwiftPaws lure courses are made to be used outdoors, but cleaning the unit regularly will help keep your SwiftPaws equipment beautiful and functioning properly during the many years you and your pet(s) will enjoy using it.

We do not recommend leaving the course set up when not in use. However the pulleys can be left out, staked in place. The main drive unit and remote control (the parts with electronic components) should be brought inside when not in use. Even for short breaks & it should never be left unattended where the pup has access to it.

The main drive unit houses electronics and is NOT waterproof. Remove grass & debris from the unit using a soft hand brush, home leaf blower, or cloth. Dampen a cleaning cloth, or paper towel with a plain water (or mild, pet-safe detergent) to clean external components of the unit.
Avoid submerging or dousing the unit in water. As with all electronic equipment, this would damage/destroy the electronic components.

The field pulleys are watertight and can be hosed off with a garden hose if needed. The MAIN DRIVE UNIT IS NOT.

Article inspired by Jeremy and Trooper

IMPORTANT: If the unit gets rained on, bring it out of the rain ASAP and immediately dry as best you can. Wait until the unit is completely dry before using it. But it's best to not let it get wet - as moisture can corrode the internal electronics. This type of damage is not covered under the warranty.

Jul 10, 2024

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