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Which one is right for you?

It really depends. The first thing to consider is the size of the space you plan to set the course up in. You control the speed and direction of the lure - so any kit can work for dogs large or small, fast or not - you can keep them engaged by changing the speed and direction - it's about keeping things interesting and fun.
Lure coursing is not about running your dog as fast as possible. It's about having fun together in a way that is physically and mentally, healthy and stimulating for your pup.

All our home lure equipment is "continuous loop" - course size is variable up to the max that each particular system and your individual conditions allow.

If your space is on the smaller side - or if you plan to use it indoors - Chase! is the kit for you. It is the only system we have that is "wall powered" just plug it into your home wall outlet.

If you have one or two pups, and the space to set up a course 200-300 feet - the Home Original Kit would be your choice. The battery lasts for about five 90 second play sessions before it needs to be recharged - this might not sound like a lot - just two 90 second runs usually tires a pup out, so it is sufficient for most home use.

If you have a large pack - or highly energetic or athletic dogs - but not a very large space to set up the course - Home Original with an additional battery would be just what you need. You may also opt to purchase a larger capacity battery that would last longer on a single charge. NOTE: we do not sell larger capacity batteries for Home Original, this article has the specs you'll need to find a compatible battery locally or online. Click here for a compatible larger capacity battery on Amazon:

If you have a large pack; exceptionally active or athletic pups; are a small business that caters to multiple dogs & you have a large space to set up in - then Home Plus was designed for you.

The biggest differences between our Home kits are the maximum speeds and size of the course* they are capable of running.

  • Home Original variable speeds up to 30 mph & maximum course size is between 200-300 feet.
  • Home Plus variable speeds up to 36 mph & maximum course size is around 750 feet.
  • Chase! variable speeds up to 20 pmh & maximum course size is 100 feet.

*The maximum course size is assuming ideal conditions. Search this help center for "ideal conditions" for more on this.

Jul 10, 2024

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