How to Use the Flirt Pole

It's best if you can begin with the "sit" and "wait" or "stay" commands so that you can take a few steps away from your pup.

Then keeping the lure/toy on the ground as you move it back and forth to mimic a small critter moving through the grass.

Give the "get it" command (whatever words you use to release from stay)
and play "keep away" as best as you can while your doggo attempts to catch the lure/toy.

DO NOT move the lure up over your dog's head as this will encourage them to jump at it, and can result in injury.

DO let them catch it - as this is their reward for a good chase! It's not really intended to be a "tug" toy, so you'll want to keep the line slack after they catch it.

Note: some more hardy toys can be used for tug - but not all toys will hold up under the pressure of a good game of tug!

Give them a moment to enjoy the toy before beginning again.

Use the "leave it" or "drop it" command - or encouraging them with a treat - to end that session so you can begin another session!

*Lures are not edible! If pup ingests it, please seek advice from your veterinarian.

May 7, 2024

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