Home Original battery play time on a single charge

The Home Original battery will last for about five 90 Second play sessions - which is about 10 minutes of motor run time.

This might not sound like a lot, but it is sufficient for households with one or a few pups - especially if they all run together. Lure chasing is a high intensity activity and dogs will run at top speed as they chase the lure - so the remote controller is programmed to automatically shut down the system after 90 seconds to assure that you give your pups breaks to catch their breath and get some water. Most dogs will run two or possibly three play sessions.

The battery might power the drive a bit longer but it is not recommended to over-discharge the battery, as this will permanently damage the battery. So be sure to stop after 5 90 second play sessions to recharge. If you bypass the timer, each time still counts as another session.

If you have a high energy dog, or an exceptionally athletic pup, or a large pack - you have some options to increase the run time.

  • Purchase additional batteries
  • Purchase a larger capacity battery (We do not sell these for Home Original - but the specs for a compatible larger capacity battery can be found in this article: Larger Capacity 11.1v Battery for Original Home
  • Purchase the larger SwiftPaws Home Plus - which has a larger capacity battery (about 30 minutes of motor run time)
Jul 15, 2024

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