Universal Remote Normal Operation

This article explains what should happen when using the Chase remote. If your experience is different, email support@swiftpaws.com and describe the problem.

The Chase! remote will connect to the first, strongest available drive as long as it is not already connected to an app or another remote.

First make sure the blue light on the bottom of the Chase drive is blinking slowly - about once per second - this indicates that it has power.

Turn the remote on by pressing the power button – the remote will vibrate three (3) times and the LED will begin to blink green.

When the blue light on the bottom of the drive blinks more slowly, about once every three seconds - this indicates that it is paired.

When you move the remote's trigger wheel in either direction, the LED will stop blinking and stay steady, and you are ready to play.


  • If the LED on the remote continues to blink, it is not paired with the drive. Make sure the drive is on (for Chase make sure it's plugged in and the blue light is flashing once every three seconds) and try again.
  • If it still does not stop blinking – make sure the drive is not paired to the SwiftPaws app. Make sure all SwiftPaws apps are closed on all phones and then turn on the remote. When it pairs, and you move the trigger wheel, it will control the drive and the LED will turn to steady green. This also begins the 90 second play session timer.
  • The remote checks the battery upon powering up - See more here: Turn On Universal Remote
Jul 10, 2024

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