Exactly how big can my own course be?

SwiftPaws original is designed for courses 200-300 feet. SwiftPaws Home Plus about 750 feet. We cannot guarantee an exact size - because there are multiple factors that affect course size. Adding more line or more pulleys to the course does not increase the maximum size of the course you can successfully set up and run.
Here's how to determine your largest course size:

Set up & test your course without your doggo(s) present

  • it's frustrating for them to not be able to play right away
  • and it will avoid them accidentally stepping on the line when you're testing it, causing the system auto-shutdown which can be frustrating to the humans ­čśé

1) Set up a small course to test everything out

  • the pink line that comes with your kit is 250 feet - which is a good size to start with

2) Prep your course area:

  • Make sure the grass is freshly mown & remove loose leaves, sticks, stones, etc.
  • Walk your course to make sure the line will not drag over any high spots
    • hint: Strategically place a field pulley/corner on high spots to keep the line from dragging

3) Keep adjusting the tension until you get the course running without erratic stalls or bursts
4) Make sure you keep the remote control within 10-15 feet of the drive or it will lose connection.
5) Once you get a smaller course running well - you can start increasing the size

  • Just tie more line onto the existing line to make the course┬álarger

6) Keep extending the course size until it starts to perform poorly and then back it off to the largest size that worked well.

  • You may need to go smaller from the 250' instead of increasing the size of the course.

Under ideal conditions, you can get course even larger than 300'
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Jul 10, 2024

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