How to set up straight-line course

All SwiftPaws lure equipment is designed as continuous loop - however you can set it up in a straight line like we do when we operate FAST CAT® events (CAT stands for Coursing Ability Test)– which is a timed 100-yard dash where dogs run one at a time, chasing a lure.

The simplest, setup is to put a single pulley in a straight line directly away from the main drive machine and just run it in a single direction – IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to only run the lure in ONE direction to avoid injury to your dog. (First illustration).

BE CAREFUL to stop the lure before the end of the one-way direction - you do not want your dog trying to turn run back the way it came!  Make the stopping point 10 to 20 feet before the end of the length of line (pulley).
In the first configuration, it is recommended that you run the lure in the direction TOWARDS the operator. It is much easier to judge the distance between the dog and the stopping point (10-20 feet from the pulley).

BETTER COURSES (last three illustrations) for control and use - is to set the course up so the dog runs between the two pulleys, with the drive to one side, in a triangular configuration. It's better for seeing where the dog is in the course and controlling the lure to keep it "just" ahead enough to encourage them to run and then to slow it down at the end to give them that extra burst of encouragement to give it their all because they know they're gong to catch the lure!. Set the "Course Length" pulleys your desired distance apart, and put the drive unit at the apex of the triangle.

Below are some examples (not to scale) of how to set up the continuous loop equipment for a straight line run:
Straight Line Course.jpg
Straight Line Course \(1\).jpg
Straight Line Course \(2\).jpg
Straight Line Course \(3\).jpg

Note: Ideally, it requires two people to run a straight line course; one to hold/release the dog, and the other to operate the drive.

Jul 19, 2024

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