• Add Chase to App

    Add the Chase! device to the App Power on the device & turn on the SwiftPaws app. Continue Let's Play Add device Select the icon that appears (after naming the device which is optional) Touch and hold the "paw print" to move the line in either direction Stop touching the paw print to stop.
  • Adjust Line Tension

    How to adjust line tension for Chase! This video shows the drive struggling because the line tension is too tight. In this video, the "fix" was to loosen the tension - ajusting for that "sweet spot" - this also required shortening the line to about a 75' (22.5m) course. Chase! is designed to r...
  • Are Critters Compatible with Chase?

    The Critters are compatible with Chase! If you notice performance slowing down or the critters hanging at the pulleys, you may need to adjust the course size and line tension. This is due to the limits of the motor. You may be tempted to tighten the tension, but this will make matters worse. Cha...
  • Before you bring out the dog to play

    Tips for setting up - especially for the first time: 1. Set up WITHOUT the pup present to avoid stress and anxiety (for all!) 2. TEST the just the drive to make it runs smoothly in both directions. 3. START with a small course first - less than 100 feet - Chase can handle courses up to 100 fee...
  • Chase blue light on device

    The blue light will blink once every second when power is on. It will blink once every three (3) seconds when paired with app or remote. If the blue light does not come on - press and hold the pairing button until it does. See: Chase paring button on device
  • Chase - Getting Started

    Ships with everything you will need to set up and run a home lure course. Note: the roll of line is 250 feet. So you will have plenty of line for later.  max course size is 100 feet (for example: a square approx. 25 feet per side) Download the SwiftPaws app to control the movement of the fla...
  • Chase! Hot & Cold Temperatures

    The temperature may affect performance. If you notice a decline in performance, or if Chase! Stops working bring it indoors and allow it to come back to room temperature before continuing play. Always allow cooling down time between play sessions. Even if it's not hot outside, the temperature in...
  • Chase! Line Wind Mode

    Chase! has a line wind mode - which you can select in the app. ONLY wind the line using the wind-up mode the other speeds are too fast and will not effectively wind the line. Note: the line needs to be attached to the device for line mode to work.
  • Chase! No Battery!

    Chase! does not require batteries! Just plug it into a standard (120V AC) home outlet for unlimited play time. It can be used with an extension cord. It can be plugged into a field generator that provides 120V Note: there are no plans to make Chase! battery operated
  • Chase paring button on device

    Press and hold the pairing button (next to the power port on the chase device) until the blue light on the bottom of the device begins to blink. Click link for where to find the Chase blue light on device
  • Chase! Play Session Timer

    The timer countdown begins as soon as you move the line. It will continue to countdown - even if you stop moving the lure (for example if you need to tie on another lure, etc.) Once it counts down to zero - the "Play Session Has Ended" message window pops up. Click Okay to begin a new session 👍 ...
  • Compare Chase! to SwiftPaws Home Original & Plus

    Chase! is smaller, uses lighter field pulleys, and will be much more compact and convenient to store and set up.  You control it using a free app that you download to your smart phone.
  • Compatible power pack specs and links for Chase

    We do not sell  these, but Chase can be used with an external power pack. The power input for Chase is 24v at 2.5A so a power pack that can output 60W would be ideal, however we have found that even a 45W version is suitable under most circumstances even if it does slightly lower the power. You’l...
  • Control Chase! with Your Phone

    Chase! is app controlled! Download the SwiftPaws app for free! There is an optional handheld remote controller which is sold separately on our website - look for the "Universal Remote"
  • Determine Your Chase! Maximum Course Size

    The maximum course size that Chase! will successfully run is about 100 feet. That's 25 feet per side for a square course. But your actual course size may be a bit smaller based on the specific conditions for your setup. If your drive may run erratically, jerking, or hesitating, or won't run at a...
  • Free SwiftPaws App

    Download for free by going to the appropriate app store on your phone or tablet.
  • How fast is Chase!?

    Chase! is capable of variable speeds from 0 to 20mph!
  • How to Pair Chase Remote - video

    Video Start by freshly plugging in the Chase device. When you first plug it in, the blue light on the bottom of the device will blink once per second. This indicates that it has power but is NOT paired. The blue light will blink once every three (3) seconds when it is paired to an app or remot...
  • How to Update Chase Device

    Open the SwiftPaws app. Tap continue Tap let's play Select the device (or install a device if necessary and then select it) To check for updates to the main drive click the three lines at the top/right of the app Then select "Update Device" If there are no updates available you will see the messa...
  • Pair to one phone at a time

    You may add the app to multiple phones but you can't pair multiple phones at the same time. To pair a different phone you'll have to reset the bluetooth on the phone already paired. To do this just close the app; or disconnect the bluetooth on the paired phone; or press the pairing button on the...
  • Plug in Chase Using the Pigtail

    Always include the pigtail! It is designed to protect the internal circuit board in your device! WARNING: Do not plug the power cord directly to the device. If it is directly plugged into the device and gets yanked out, it may damage the power port/circuit board inside the unit.
  • Prevent Damage to the Power Port

    Be sure to use the "pig tale" when plugging in the Chase power adapter - so that if the drive gets bumped or jerked out of place during play, it will disconnect at the appropriate point and prevent damage to the drive's power port. The "Secure Clip" keeps the cord from being pulled - but if it ...