Are Critters Compatible with Chase?

The Critters are compatible with Chase!

If you notice performance slowing down or the critters hanging at the pulleys, you may need to adjust the course size and line tension. This is due to the limits of the motor. You may be tempted to tighten the tension, but this will make matters worse. Chase works best with very light tension on the line.

Chase! is capable of courses up to 100 feet in idea conditions. The actual size of your course will depend on multiple factors - just remember anything that adds "drag" to the course will affect the overall size of the course.

Drag is caused by weight (like the critter) or tight line tension, or long grass, even an incline or uneven ground. So start with a small course, and get it working in your conditions and with the critters - and then gradually increase the size of the course (tie on more line) until you noticed performance drop and to back to the size that worked. This will be your maximum course size for those specific conditions. 👍

Jul 16, 2024

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