Set up home Original or Plus course

This is the new set up video for Home Original and Home Plus.

1) Sometimes you won't see FUL when charging the battery - this is usually due to being left on the charger & it will continue to try to balance the voltage between the internal cells inside the battery pack - and will revert to showing the total voltage. It is still fully charged and is OK to use! Supervise charging and remove the battery from the charger when it has reached the maximum charge.
2) For a closer look at how to tie the line and flags click this link: Tying the Line Knot for Course and Flag
00:00 What comes with Home Original & Home Plus
02:59 Setup Guide and Tips
10:57 Remote Controller and Safety
12:18 Audible Tones
13:34 Playtime!
14:23 Line-Winding

Jul 2, 2024

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