• How to make a warranty claim

    If you have a problem with your SwiftPaws - please contact us by emailing: support@swiftpaws.com | | | --- | | Do not dispose of the item as it will often need to be returned in exchange for the warranty replacement. UNLESS it is a swollen or damaged battery - take a picture and Dispose of LiPo...
  • Links to Manual, Warranty, and Return policies

    To assure you have the most up-to-date information please Click here to go to our "Get Started" page - and scroll down the page to the "Click for Downloads" area and click the desired link to view or download the PDF file: Welcome Manual; Return Policy; Warranty; or Terms of Sale.
  • Warranty Support or Repairs

    If you need repairs or warranty support - please email us at: support@swiftpaws.com & provide your original order number. We will already have this information if you reach out using the email address you used to purchase your kit We can usually repair the drive unit, so you usually do not h...