• Compostable flags

    Our compostable flags are safe for your pet and the environment! Two - 15 count rolls They are made from maize (corn) flour which is not toxic. They are printed using food grade coloring, but this does not necessarily mean they're edible. Accidental ingestion of bits of the flag should not harm ...
  • Cooling Mat Size

    Mat sizes are small, medium, and large Small         Up to 20 lbs        22.5” x 21.5” Medium     20 to 50 lbs        32" x 26" Large         50+lbs              43" x 31.5"
  • Guide to Pet Bed Size

    Use the information below as a guide to selecting the bed size for your pet Small         Up to 20 lbs        22.5” x 21.5” Medium      20 to 50 lbs        32" x 26" Large          50+lbs               43" x 31.5"
  • Help! The critters don't work

    If you notice performance declining or if the critters hanging at the pulleys, you may need to adjust the course size and line tension. This is due to the limits of the motor. You may be tempted to tighten the tension, but this will make matters worse. Chase works best with very light tension on ...
  • How the Cooling Mat Works

    How the Cooling Gel Mat works: The gel in a cooling pad is water-based with a polymer. Polymer is an activated chemical that changes properties when pressure-activated. When it's activated it pulls the heat from the body. The gel material that slowly absorbs energy and dissipates heat. When you...
  • Lipo Guard Battery Bag

    The LiPo Guard bag ships with the Home Original and  Home Plus kits. Always charge and store your LiPo battery inside this fiberglass fabric; fire & water-resistant LiPo Guard bag. It is also sold separately on our website TO USE: Place battery inside bag and close the flap. No...
  • Only Use #18 Nylon Braided Mason Line

    SwiftPaws is designed to use only #18 braided nylon mason line - twisted will not work as it will unravel We offer two lengths on line on our website - 500' roll (white) and 250' roll (pink)
  • Prototype Auto Line Winder

    Prototype Auto Line Winder Compatible with Home Original and Home Plus ONLY We’re excited to offer a limited prototype run of our new product the Deluxe Line Winder! This prototype has been 3D printed for testing, we hope to get these into production later this year. Compatible with Home Origina...
  • Stakes & Tethers

    It's important to use both stakes and tethers when you set up the course. See why in the video below. But there is nothing special about stakes that ship with your kit. You may need wider or longer stakes if your ground is soft or more hardy stakes for harder ground. Use what works best for you -...
  • T-Shirts

    Our SwiftPaws T-shirts are the perfect attire for the best game of chase ever!  Made of comfortable, high-quality material, they're built to last just like our SwiftPaws Kits! Check the websitefor availability
  • Washing instructions - Cooling Mat

    Washing Instructions for the SwiftPaws Cooling Gel Mat Rinse fabric thoroughly with water removing any loose particles. Hand wash with mild soap and warm water out of the sun. Allow mat to air dry or dry with a towel. Never put in the dryer. Note: do not refrigerate or freeze the mat
  • Washing Instructions - Dog Bed

    The SwiftPaws Oxford Canvas Pet Bed has a washing instructions tag inside the zippered compartment. For more detailed instructions scroll down this page. Washing Instructions for the SwiftPaws Oxford Canvas Dog Bed: Vacuum with a brush attachment. Remove padding from the zippered compartments o...
  • Where can I get more line?

    The line can be found anywhere building supplies are sold. Your home lure kit was designed to only use 18 Braided Mason Nylon String (twisted will not work as it unravels) Breaking when it does is one of the safety features. When it breaks, simply tie it back together. There's no limit to how m...