About the B3 Pro Charger

This charger only charges the 11.1v 3 cell Home Original LiPo battery.
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First plug the charger WITHOUT a battery connected to it - the LEDs should light up.
You may notice it flashing between red and green very rapidly, this is normal.
If one or more LEDs do not light up the charger is not working properly. Do not use, as a bad charger may damage the battery.

If all LEDs are lighting up - you can then plug the battery into the charge port.
It is normal for the LEDs to initially turn red even if you know the battery is fully charged - the LEDs will change to steady green when it detects the corresponding cell is fully charged.

The battery pack is fully charged when ALL THREE lights are green.

The charger is not working properly if:

  • One or more LEDs never light up at all
  • The charger ever made a popping sound and/or smelled bad when you plugged it in.
    • If this has happened, do not attempt use it/ charge the battery
    • replace the charger

Charge away from anything flammable.
Always use a fire resistant container such as a battery charging bag to charge the LiPo battery.
Always monitor charging.
Remove the battery from the charger once it reaches a full charge (all three green lights)

IMPORTANT: charge to full before each use to assure proper balance of all cells inside the battery.
See why it's important to fully charge before each use here: Why recharge the battery for each use?

You can stop charging before it reaches full and continue charging later - as long as you don't USE it until it has been fully charged.

CAUTION: The battery should always be allowed to come to room-temperature before charging. Charging a hot or cold battery might delay charging or damage the battery. For best results, charge the battery at temperatures between 50º and 80ºF (10º-30ºC).

The advice given above is general in nature and you are responsible for the safety of your batteries. SwiftPaws is not responsible for any direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages and personal injuries, including that to life, and health, resulting from the customer’s application and use of batteries sold by SwiftPaws.com.

Jul 2, 2024

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