Operating Temperatures Hot and Cold

Operating Temperature Limits:
           Charge: 50ºF to 113ºF
           Discharge: 50ºF to 140º

Let battery cool down to ambient temperature before charging.
During discharge and handling of batteries, do not exceed 160ºF.

Hot temps: Always remember that heat is the number one enemy of LiPo batteries. The hotter your batteries get, the shorter their lifespan will be. Never charge a battery that is still warm from usage, and never use a battery that is still warm from charging.

Cold temps: The discharge rating of a LiPo battery is directly affected by the temperature of the battery. When the temperature of the battery is below 50° F (10° C), you'll start to notice performance drops; significant issues start to occur when the battery gets below 20° F (-7° C).

To use SwiftPaws in cold weather - keep the battery at room temperature and only place in drive right before you're going to run it. If you notice a decline in performance bring the the battery back indoors to warm up.

Take extra care when attempting operate the drive in temperatures below 20° F (-7° C) and bring battery inside to warm.
Attempting to charge a battery that has an internal temperature at or below 50° F (10° C) may permanently damage the battery due to unwanted chemical effects inside the battery due to the cold.

CAUTION: The battery should always be allowed to come to room-temperature before charging. Charging a hot or cold battery might delay charging or damage the battery. For best results, charge the battery at temperatures between 50º and 80ºF (10º-30ºC).

Disclaimer: The advice given above is general in nature and you are responsible for the safety of your batteries. SwiftPaws is not responsible for any direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages and personal injuries, including that to life, and health, resulting from the customer’s application and use of batteries sold by SwiftPaws.com.

Jun 27, 2024

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