Battery Won't Charge

A dead or damaged battery will not charge. If the battery is swollen do not attempt to charge or use it.

Even if the battery is new or you only used it once, the battery can become damaged in as little as three days if it's not charged and/or used correctly.

Reasons why a battery will not charge:

  • Sitting unused for longer than 3 months (including in the unopened box after delivery)
  • Sitting unused longer than 3 days - fully charged
  • Sitting unused longer than 3 days - after using it, without charging to the proper storage (see note below) or "sitting" voltage.
  • Did not fully charge it before use (including the first time out of the box)
  • Allowed the voltage to drop below the minim voltage - even just one time (also called over-discharging)
  • Left plugged into the main drive unit when not in use
  • Use it a little bit and then used it again (just once, or multiple times without charging it to full first)
  • Used it once - and then didn't use it again for 3 or more days later
    • Especially if you:
      • Used it for the maximum time and didn't recharge it
      • or Charged it to full
      • Either state will cause it to go bad because it needs to be recharged to the "storage voltage"  after use.
  • The charger is bad.
    • Always plug the charger in first to make sure it has power, before connecting the battery.
    • Do not attempt to use a bad charger, it may damage the battery.

Note: STORAGE - If the battery will sit unused longer than 3 months

  • Charge only to the storage (sitting/idle) voltage
  • Then take it out every three months to charge to full and discharge back to the storage voltage to continue storing

Any one, or combination of these can cause the battery to become permanently damaged & it will need to be replaced. Damage due to misuse is not covered under warranty.

Jun 27, 2024

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