How to Introduce Your Dog to SwiftPaws Pro

Introducing your Pet to SwiftPaws for the First Time

Here are the steps we use to introduce a pet to SwiftPaws Pro:
1. Take your pet into the center of the course, so the flag will be going around you when you start running.

2. Hold onto your pet so you’re ready to release them, but DON’T release them quite yet!
3. Gently restrain your pet and start to move the flag, you can go back and forth, start and stop, or even go all the way around.
4. Once your pet is showing interest in the flag, that’s the best time to release them and encourage them. You can praise them, or say go get it!
If your pet doesn’t “take” to SwiftPaws right away don’t despair! Some pets take a little longer to get comfortable and start chasing. It’s important not to pressure them to do it, and if they want to go sniff the pulleys/machine/flag and are timid at first, DON’T move anything while they are doing this! You could risk scaring your pet and if they’re afraid of it they certainly won’t chase it!
A couple of notes and tips:

  • Pets usually have more interest when they see the flag moving from a distance first. You’ll want to be about 5-10 feet away when they see it move for the first time.
  • If your pet isn’t interested initially keep the introduction short and try again later.
  • You can try letting your pet watch another pet play, they can teach each other how!
  • You can play with the flag like a toy with your pet to show them what you want them focusing on.
  • You can try helping your pet chase the flag… they want to do what you do!
  • Every pet is different! Our tips work with the majority of pets, but if you’re still having trouble please don’t hesitate to contact us at
May 7, 2024

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