Ideal Conditions for the Perfect Course

Resistance or "drag" is the #1 consideration when planning your course. Drag is created any time the drive/line encounters resistance. Drag at the most extreme happens when the dog catches the flag or steps on the line.

But other things might create drag which also affects the performance of the course. So many of the ideal conditions have to do with minimizing drag.

  • Fenced in area - or a place far away from hazards like streets, parking lots, lakes, etc.
  • Level play area - not on an hill/incline
  • Even terrain - no bumps, holes, dips, or ruts that result in high/low areas
  • Freshly mowed lawn - tall grass, weeds, leaves, etc. add drag to the line
  • Efficient placement of pulleys -
    • avoid sharp turns
    • avoid "in line" pulleys that are not corners
  • Proper tension on the line - too much creates drag, too loose will cause slippage -
  • Proper use of stakes and tethers - tethers are essential in maintaining proper tension
  • Use recommended knots
  • Only use one or two flags at a time
  • Using a fully charged battery
  • Keep the remote withing 10-15 feet of the main drive to maintain connection
Jul 10, 2024

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